Organization of the Spaces
Trigeminal Nerve
The Orbit
Nasal Cavities
Pterygopalatine Fossa
Image Bank

Skull Session II:  The Spaces of the Skull

     In this skull session, you will be shown a series of images that highlight the neurovascular portals associate with the trigeminal nerve (CN V) and the pterygopalatine fossa.

1.  Organization of the spaces.  This section lays out the fundamental organization of the skull by discussing the various cavities and their shared borders.

2.  Trigeminal Nerve.  This section discusses the nerve and the trajectories of its branches and the various aspects of the skull that they pass through.

3.  The Orbit.  This section identifies the bony components and structure of the orbit.

4. Nasal Cavities.  This section describes the complex structure of the nasal cavities and its relationship to the orbits, anterior cranial fossa and the oral cavity.

5.  Pterygopalatine Fossa. This section describes the disposition and relationships of this small and often mysterious space between the maxilla and pterygoid process of the sphenoid process of the sphenoid bone.

6. Image Bank.  A collection of approximately 50 annotated images of the skull, highlighting the structures and nerves covered in Skull Session II.

  1. Gallery:  An index page of thumbnails that can be viewed as needed

  2. Slide Show: A sequence of images vieled in serial order.